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About Us

Dealing with the internal battle of mental illness and the external battles of mental health stigma and environmental stressors, can all be overwhelming and challenging to endure. Enduring these hardships can cause you to feel lonely, unheard, and ultimately powerless. However at Empowering Conquerors Psychiatry, we strive to empower and assure you that you are still a conqueror even in these challenging battles.

Our Story

Originating as an online shelter for people who struggle to cope with negative life stressors and mental illnesses, Empowering Conquerors Psychiatry is a telehealth mental health private practice that serves people with psychiatric disorders and coexisting stressors.

Consistently providing you with the space you need to vent, process, feel heard, uplifted, and appropriately medicated is the mission of Empowering Conquerors Psychiatry. We understand that frequently undergoing the hustle and bustle of life while also suffering from mental disorders can make it difficult for you to simply take a break. At Empowering Conquerors Psychiatry, we allow you to take your time to heal and help you recuperate from mental and emotional battles, by taking one step at a time to recovery. We use psychotherapeutic and pharmacotherapeutic interventions and to help you grow in your journey. However, our long term goal is for you to discover or rediscover your inner strength, and enter and maintain your state of overall wellness.

Meet the Team

Tracey Ndukwe MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Founder & CEO

As a patient-centered nurse practitioner with more than 6 years of professional nursing experience in mental health, I patiently and actively listen to your stories, clarify and reflect on your concerns, validate your feelings, and acknowledge the efforts you make to overcome life challenges.

I provide comprehensive psychiatric assessments with a holistic approach to help restore and maintain your overall health and wellness. I team up with you and other professionals to develop safe, individualized, and effective treatment plans. These include medication management, lifestyle adjustments, and appropriate referrals for pertinent psychotherapies.

I also follow-up with you regularly to evaluate your tolerance and benefit from psychiatric medications, coping ability with life stressors, and overall progress towards mental and emotional stability.

Feel free to book an online appointment right below and let's take the next step to recovery together.


Sam Houston State University - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Walden University - Master of Science in Nursing

Professional Organizations

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

American Nurses Association

Texas Nurses Association

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